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Minimalist Home With Outdoor Pool and Multilevel Deck With Clean Lines and Cool


From time to time, we also should be aware that a beautiful home is no longer expensive. With proper plans, everyone could be able to own an amazing home featured with rare multilevel deck for pleasant outdoor gathering area and infinity swimming pool as yet another entertainment area. Well, what we could see at some images below are a few parts of this incredible yet minimalist casa.

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Let us discuss the pool and pool area in the rear side of this minimalist home with pool . Since this home is known as as beach house, no wonder that people find ocean view in the rear of it. Yeah, that is the reason it is such a great concept to track down equally outdoor gathering area and swimming pool in the rear side of the home. On the other hand, the most preferred aspect of this beach house is your ocean scenery that may be appreciated from interior or outdoor space in the rear place. Consider the infinity pool and multilevel deck situated alongside each other. In ground pool with infinity edge delivers a nice area to enjoy the relaxing feeling out of sunlight and ocean at the same time.

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On the opposing side, the multilevel deck delivers a wonderful space to savor both pool and ocean by standing or sitting on a comfortable lounge put on it. Hey, you will instantly love the way this home’s architect giving a fantastic accessibility from interior to the pool directly in front of the door with stairs sunk under water. It is more than what everyone else can get out of their ordinary minimalist home decor.



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